Use Financial Health to assess,
ASX investment opportunities.

This whitepaper will change your perception of investing forever. It covers:
  • How Financial Health works
  • Financial Health Ratings at a glance
  • Keeping our methodology cutting edge
  • How accurate are our classifications?
  • Balance sheet analysis
  • Cash flow statement analysis 
  • Profit and loss statement analysis
But the real show-stopper is the chapter on; 
  • How we forecast corporate failures

When you can consistently predict which organisations won't see out the financial year, then you know your algorithm is looking at the right metrics. We've done this with amazing accuracy for the last 30 years, predicting the failure of OneTel, DickSmith, Babcock & Brown and Gunns Limited. As any investor knows, the highest risk comes in the form of corporate failure, so if you could minimise that risk, why wouldn't you?

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For over 30 years Lincoln have been known as one of Australia’s leading providers of ASX stock market research, share portfolio management systems and managed funds solutions.

At the heart of what we do is our unique Lincoln Financial Health model and fundamental analysis methodologies, developed by Dr Merv Lincoln.

We describe our Financial Health model as the engine behind our successful Stock Doctor and  Managed Investment solutions, which have consistently outperformed the broader market.